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Understanding Roofing Estimates

One of the things we spend a good deal of time on with each residential and commercial roofing customer is explaining our roofing estimates. These documents can be complicated and confusing for someone not familiar with roofing or construction. A good roofer, a roofer who truly cares about their customers, wants to share insights and information to ease the entire process. It’s just good business as an informed customer is a lifetime customer – especially when you exceed their expectations. But, they still need to understand their estimate to understand the value they’re getting for their money.

With so much at stake, getting several roofing estimates is just the smart move for home and business owners. Doing so allows you to directly compare one to another and get multiple opinions about what you’re facing. That’s wise when you’re dealing with something so integral to the longevity and safety of your structure. Get as many estimates as you feel you need to, or until you call (804) 362-6504 and get one from the team voted #1 in Richmond roofing. That’s your best bet for every roofing type, any roofing problem.

No matter how many contractors you reach out to for an estimate, there are some things you can expect to find common amongst all of them. These items should clearly define what costs what and why. Here’s what you need to look for:

  • Project Responsibilities: The first item to look for is an outline of all the roofing responsibilities associated with your project. This does not have to be a lengthy description, but it should be clear and evident to a layperson who is responsible for what from start to finish.
  • Project Timelines: You should be able to see exactly when the roofer submits that they can begin the work on your project and when they envision it ending. This is not set in stone until you agree to work with the contractor and sign a contract for your specific service. It’s a possible window that may close if too long passes in the interim.
  • Payment Terms: Here’s one of the most vital items included in the whole estimate. After all, what is an estimate without as price? It’s just a piece of paper. Look closely to find the total payments listed, the dates they’re to be paid and what happens if payments or timelines are missed. You have to see this before you can make any informed decision, so check twice for price!
  • Cost Labor & Materials: The estimate should explain what the total labor costs will be to complete your project. This should be a pretty accurate assessment if the roofer is worth their reputation. You also need to check that the materials to be used are identified and their costs included in the total price quoted. A disreputable contractor may try to cheat you here, so be careful to review this in the estimate and the final contract.
  • Cost for Permitting: What the contractor charges to handle all of the building permits required to complete your project successfully should be included in the estimate. This may or may not be a significant add-on to cost, but if it’s not present in the estimate it can hurt you later on – especially if they ignore them completely and the city takes notice. Better safe than sorry, right?
  • Debris Removal: When you have a roofing project on your property, there’s going to be debris and materials to remove from the worksite. What does the contractor charge for this part of the process? It should be explained in the estimate if there’s an additional charge for this portion of your roofing service.
  • Materials Information: You should be able to find the materials you’ll be using on your project defined and explained in the estimate. It’s not going to give you the products entire history, but it will detail any specific issues or information you should be aware of when using the material for your roofing project. Check to see that this matches the materials described in the costs section.
  • Warranty Information: All roofing estimates should contain some information about the warranties attached to the materials being used, as well as attached to the labor provided by the contractor’s team. This is extremely important information that you must review prior to making your final decision.
  • Licensing & Insurance: Upon request, a reputable roofer will include their company’s licensing and insurance coverage information in the estimate. It’s nothing for a licensed and insured company to prove they have what it takes to satisfy your request, so be sure to ask if you feel it’s necessary.

When you work with CB Chandler Roofing, you don’t have to worry about whether these items will be included in the estimate. We guarantee they will. It’s the little things – on top of our outstanding workmanship and stellar customer service – that separate us from all the other roofers in Richmond. So, get the world-class roofing results you deserve at a price you can afford when you call (804) 362-6504 today!

CB Chandler Roofing is the #1 licensed and insured roofer in Richmond for all your residential and commercial roofing needs. Our estimates are free and our work is world-class.

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