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CB Chandler Roofing gets our shingles from several different manufacturers and in many varying styles and colors. The following is a general description of shingles and of how Asphalt roof shingles are made. Roofing shingles are made from several types of materials. Wood shingles are sawed from red cedar or pine. Modern shingles are cut...


One of the things we spend a good deal of time on with each residential and commercial roofing customer is explaining our roofing estimates. These documents can be complicated and confusing for someone not familiar with roofing or construction. A good roofer, a roofer who truly cares about their customers, wants to share insights and information to ease the entire process. It’s just good business as an informed customer is a lifetime customer – especially when you exceed their expectations. But, they still need to understand their estimate to understand the value they’re getting for their money.


When you own a property – whether it’s residential, commercial, multiunit, or industrial – there’s one question that you’re probably going to end up asking at some point. It’s the sole question that keeps property owners awake at night while they await their meeting with a reputable roofing contractor like CB Chandler. What’s the question they worry themselves sick over? You probably guessed since it’s a question that can mean the difference between a few hundred dollars and thousands. Do I need roof repair or replacement?


When you roof springs a leak during the first big rain of the season, or, worse still, you suffer serious damage from a storm, you’re going to need a proven roofing contractor to tackle your repair or replacement challenges. You need a roofing professional you can trust for solid advice and straightforward explanations – not to mention excellent results. But, we know it can be difficult for some people to go by first impressions alone, so we’ve put together a list of steps you can take to ensure you have a positive experience.


CB Chandler Roofing is the #1 licensed and insured roofer in Richmond for all your residential and commercial roofing needs. Our estimates are free and our work is world-class.

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