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Roofing Systems

CB Chandler Roofing offers a wide array of roofing systems and materials for our residential and commercial customers in the Richmond area. From the finest asphalt shingles on the market to the most durable and dependable flat roofing materials like TPO and PVC. That makes our licensed and insured roofing teams the perfect choice to tackle all your roofing challenges. With over 100 years of combined roofing experience in the region, there’s no one more qualified to deliver the kind of results you’re hoping for – guaranteed Call (804) 362-6504 today for your free service estimate!

Roofing Systems

The licensed, insured and highly trained roofing crews from CB Chandler Roofing have successfully installed millions of square feet of flat roofing, low-slope roofing and pitched roofing over the years. Here are some of the many roofing systems we specialize in:

Asphalt Shingles

CB Chandler Roofing offers the best and most reliable asphalt shingle roofing services throughout the Richmond area. Our licensed professionals understand asphalt shingle repair and replacement better than any other roofer out there, so make the call for the help you need today!

Modified Bitumen Roofing

CB Chandler Roofing specializes in the installation and repair of modified bitumen roofing material for both residential and commercial customers all across the Richmond area. Our highly-trained crews know this material inside and out – including its idiosyncrasies – so you’ll always end up with exceptional results for a fair and straightforward price.

Single-Ply Roofing

If your residential, commercial, or multiunit property uses single-ply roofing materials then you need a thermoset and thermoplastic expert like those from CB Chandler Roofing. We deliver the most comprehensive and reliable installation and repair in town. Make the call for your free estimate today!

TPO & PVC Roofing

Modern materials like TPO and PVC can stand up to much tougher conditions than their predecessors. These materials require an experienced hand to properly install and repair, so choose CB Chandler Roofing for world-class results on every service call. You won’t be disappointed – guaranteed!

EPDM Roofing

EPDM roofing is some of the toughest you can find making it ideal for commercial and industrial properties. CB Chandler Roofing specializes in the installation and repair of EPDM roofing and offers 100% free estimates for all EPDM services. What’re you waiting for? Call right now and schedule the best service in Richmond.

Metal Roofing

Sheet metal roofing is a great way to add something special to your home or business. It brings an aesthetic that you can’t match with any other material. CB Chandler Roofing offers the finest metal roofing installation and repair service in the region from licensed professionals with decades of combined experience. Call now for a free estimate!

Fluid Applied Membranes

CB Chandler Roofing is your #1 option for great results in fluid-applied roofing. Our top-rated professionals have all of the knowledge and experience it takes to deliver a top-notch application for any customer – residential, commercial, or multiunit. Call today and get a free estimate for a fluid-applied membrane.

Built-Up Roofing

Built-up roofing, or BUR for short, refers to re-roofing, or layering new roofing material over the existing material. This type of roofing can extend the lifespan of your existing material, but only if the underlayment is reliable enough to last. Safety is always the first priority, so call today to see if re-roofing is an option that will work for you!

Cool Roof Coatings

A cool roof coating from CB Chandler Roofing can help residential and commercial customers keep their energy bills down by reflecting the UV light from the sun and reducing the heat transfer from your roofing to your interior. Call today to learn more and schedule your free estimate visit.

Durapoxy Reflectors

A Durapoxy white reflector from CB Chandler Roofing can help to protect your roofing material from the weather, the environment and everyday wear-and-tear. These systems are perfect for commercial and industrial customers and the pricing is ideal. Call and schedule your free estimate from the city’s best roofing team.

Complete Service List

When you entrust your repair, replacement, or new installation to CB Chandler Roofing, you’re getting over a century of combined roofing experience. You’re getting the top brands and the latest techniques. Our services include:

Our Highly-Skilled Team

No matter what type of roofing system your property uses, or whatever you have in mind for new construction, we’re the most qualified team in town, so call (804) 362-6504 for the best possible results. Our professional crews are all:

  • GAF Certified
  • OSHA 40 Certified
  • VARP Accredited
  • Owens Corning-Preferred Contractors

Serving the Greater Richmond Virginia Areas:

We’re Richmond’s #1 Roofer

Don’t take chances with residential or commercial roofing. Call the #1 roofer in Richmond at (804) 362-6504 when you need exceptional workmanship and stellar customer service – not to mention full licensing and insurance policies. You’ll get the best possible results at a price that’s more than fair, so start the process today with a free estimate for service from CB Chandler Roofing!


CB Chandler Roofing is the #1 licensed and insured roofer in Richmond for all your residential and commercial roofing needs. Our estimates are free and our work is world-class.

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